Industry trading platforms of the agro-industrial complex
trillion rubles
Market size of agricultural products
1 560
billion rubles
The volume of the market of grain crops
billion rubles
Chicken egg market size


billion rubles

Sugar market size
Objective of the project
Development and implementation of digital solutions for agricultural industries.
The project implements a unique information and analytical system for involving market counterparties and a product quality control service.
The resource will improve the efficiency of the agro-industrial complex. The implementation of the project is aimed at the digital transformation of agriculture through the introduction of new platform solutions
System Capabilities
The only resource in the targer segment

Maximum engagement contact audiences

Unique business model buyer interaction and seller

Accouinting for seasonal transitions in market positions

Operational analytics by market

Possibility of lending transactions by partner banks

Supply and demand balance forecasting system

Own neural network for the agro-industrial complex

Conducting online trading with a given price step

Pilot projects
Purchase and sale of all types of eggs, packaging, veterinary drugs, feed and supplements
Fruits and vegetables
Fast and secure transactions with domestic manufacturers
Buying and selling sugar beets and sugar
Industry-commercial resource for drivers and customers for the transport of agricultural goods
All types of cereals
Purchase and sale of all types of grain crops
Only fair trades with trusted suppliers

    demand generation algorithm and sales promotion
  • Auctions and the system of deferred supply and demand

  • AI decision support system

  • BI-analytics for agricultural enterprises

  • Escrow Operator Agro Exchange
    Guaranteed Settlement Service
  • Partnership projects and integration with other industry resources and systems

  • Smart contracts

  • Product delivery monitoring

JSC "AgroBroker"
  • 1
    Decision support system + human-trained artificial intelligence
  • 2
    R&D process and blockchain development
  • 3
    Implementation and sales are decentralized
  • 4
    Deep market analytics
  • 5
    Growth driver
Project Traction
Created MVP

Testing, connecting services

Launch of the Agro.Broker platform

Digitalization of trading in the volume of 5% of the market

Launch of new industry platforms on the Agro.Broker platform
The first 10 foreign companies of the CIS countries
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